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Mexican Chocolate Cashew Milk Ice Cream

Jun.02, 2015

I’ve been playing around with cashew milk/cream for ice cream. I love all things coconut but I don’t really want every bite of ice cream to have the underlying flavor of coconut, which is pretty much always the case with dairy free ice cream. Enter the lovely cashew. I discovered it’s super easy to make cashew milk and cream. It doesn’t require straining in a nut milk bag, which is the biggest pain when it comes to making your own nut milks. So, it’s now my new go-to. I always have a carafe of it in the fridge and after buying a $6 pint of cashew milk ice cream, I decided to try to make my own. So easy and really good. I buy the bag of raw cashew pieces at Trader Joes for $4-5. It’s about 3.5-4 cups of cashews so measure it out. For regular cashew “milk” use 1 cup soaked cashews to about 3-4 cups of water. The cashew cream is really good in coffee.

Cashew cream:
soak 1.5 cups of cashews in filtered water for at least 6 hours, drain and rinse
Blend in high speed blender with 3 cups cold filtered water until it’s liquified completely. I use the “smoothie” setting on my Blendtec

Measure 3 cups of the cashew cream (Rhys uses the leftover cream to make a milk shake with the leftover ice cream the next day)
1/4 cup cacao powder, you can use regular cocoa but read about the benefits of cacao over cocoa
1 teaspoon cinnamon (omit if you want just straight chocolate)
1/2 cup raw honey

Blend in blender then pour in ice cream freezer and let it do it’s magic. when it’s mostly ready and looks like ice cream, add 1/4-1/2 cup of Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips. Let it harden up a bit in the freezer or serve immediately if you prefer soft serve.

I’ve also made this with 2 shots espresso instead of the cacao. Last week I omitted the cacao and added about 2 cups frozen strawberries to the blender with the honey (pictured). Both were outstanding.

This is really good. I promise. I know it sounds weird, but it’s really very, very delicious and takes about 20 minutes from draining the cashews to ice cream in my mouth.

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Paleo Chocolate Cake in a mug

May.15, 2015

Sometimes you just need dessert. I had a screen shot of this recipe for a Paleo microwave mug cake, which are notoriously not delicious…but I had to try. It was surprisingly good, very fast and easy and made a pretty good sized portion. I thought it was more than I needed to eat, so I divided it in two portions and gave one to Steve. I should have made us both a whole mug. Don’t share it, you’ll just end up making another.


3 Tbs coconut flour
3 Tbs cacao (or cocoa) powder
2 Tbs honey
2.5 Tbs of melted ghee (I just eyeballed the amount, it’s forgiving)
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
3 Tbs almond or coconut milk (I used cashew milk)

Stir all ingredients in a microwave safe mug, pop in micro for 2 minutes. I sprinkled about 2 Tbs Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips on top, next time I’m going to stir them in.

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Mini Quiches (egg muffins)

Mar.23, 2015

I haven’t made these in a long time. I was reminded of them the other night when trying to think of good protein filled snacks for a friend. I told her I’d email the recipe, then promptly forgot. So, yesterday I decided to throw some together so I could take pictures and post them.

These are so great for a weekend brunch. They re-heat nicely and are easy to pop in a ziplock and take to work for a mid morning snack. About 20-30 second in the micro and you’re good to go. You can put just about anything you like in them. My favorite, before I discovered my dairy allergy, was spinach and feta cheese with oregano. So good. I’ve made them with chopped up steak, ground beef, bacon, sausage, cheese, sauteed onions, sauteed spinach, broccoli, ham…honestly, just anything.

If you don’t already have a silicone muffin pan, you should buy one. They make this and every other muffin/cupcake recipe so much more pleasant. If you don’t have one, grease the pan really well, or use parchment liners. You can buy parchment liners at Whole Foods and PCC. I bought my silicone pan at The Wooden Spoon in Edmonds, but you can probably find them most kitchen stores or Amazon.

This batch is bacon, onion, mushrooms and some power greens (kale, spinach, chard, arugula). Easy.


Oven 350

10 eggs, beaten with a fork in a bowl and seasoned with salt, pepper and some italian spices
4 slices bacon, chopped into small pieces
1/3 cup onion, diced
1/2 cup mushrooms, chopped small
about 2 cups of mixed power greens, chopped
avocado oil for sauteeing vegetables (use any oil you like, just not vegetable or canola)

Saute the bacon over medium heat, when they start to cook, add onions and mushrooms. Stir a bit and add the greens and saute until they are wilted.
Prepare your pan if it isn’t silicone. If you use a silicone pan, put it on a cookie sheet. It’s easier to get that wiggly thing in and out of the oven when it’s full. When bacon and veggies are done, divide it up between the muffin cups. Use a ladle to add the seasoned eggs and divide evenly into all the cups. They should be pretty full. Put them in the pre-heated oven for 23 minutes. They’ll puff up and the center shouldn’t be runny when they are done. Remove them quickly from the pan. If you aren’t using silicone, run a knife around each little quiche and help it free. If it cools in the pan, they become one, and you are on your own.

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Sri racha Ketchup

Feb.23, 2015

I posted the recipe for Paleo Sri racha last summer. Right Here At that time, I was using my Ninja blender and have since invested in a Blendtec, which is pretty much magical. So I decided to make sri racha again to see the difference between the two. Blendtec – no chunks. Ninja – kind of chunky. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. It tastes the same, so as long as you aren’t picky about texture, either works just fine. I should note that I’ve tried Paleo sri rachas from the store, and they don’t taste like sri racha. This does. In spring and summer, I buy the red jalapenos at Country Farms. I found this bunch at QFC. Not terribly pricey, but not Country Farms cheap. I also spent a bit more on the fish sauce and got the Red Boat since it doesn’t have sugar in it. I highly recommend it.

I’ve been experimenting with ketchup lately. I found a recipe I like pretty well, but something was just not quite right yet. I had used a few tablespoons of tomato paste in the sri racha, so I had a bit less than the recipe called for. Sri racha has apple cider vinegar and the ketchup has balsamic vinegar, so I used a combo so as not to overpower it either way. I thought maybe the allspice was part of the problem, so I eliminated it. This is by far my favorite ketchup I’ve made. I’m sure if you don’t want to go to the trouble of making your own sri racha, you can get close to the same flavor with store bought. Check the ingredients and get a good quality brand. Do not use the crappy corn syrup laden commercial ketchups, for this there is no good quality ketchup. It couldn’t be easier to make. Try it. Please.


2 6oz cans tomato paste (less 3 Tbls)
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup water
1/4 cup honey
1/2 teas garlic powder
1/2 teas onion powder
1/8 teas salt

combine in sauce pan and stir over medium heat and bring to a slow simmer. Turn heat down for five minutes, stirring frequently.
Stir in 1/2 cup of Paleo sri racha (more or less to taste)

I used this to glaze a meatloaf and then added more sri racha when I served it. Was definitely thinking of how good it would be with french fries…

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No-Bake Cookies

Feb.10, 2015

This recipe is based on the no-bake cookies that are rolled oats and chocolate and stuff. I got home from CrossFit yesterday and was feeling pretty wrecked from “Lynne” and basically stood in my kitchen, surfing FB on my phone with my brain turned off when I came across this recipe. It was posted on Just Eat Real Food and is from www.unrefinedkitchen.com. I had all the ingredients and it looked pretty simple, so I made them right away. So fast and easy. Once they were chilling in the fridge, I forgot about them until evening. I gave mine to one of my kids to try, and I didn’t get that one back. Had to go get another. You can reduce the honey if you want them less sweet.


1/3 cup honey (or less, to taste)
1 1/2 Tbsp cocoa (I used organic cacao)
1/3 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup almond butter
1tsp vanilla
2 cups unsweetened, shredded coconut

put honey, cocoa and coconut oil in saucepan and boil for one minute, stirring constantly. Stir in almond butter and vanilla until incorporated. Stir in coconut. I used a cookie scoop and put scoopfuls on parchment and put it in the fridge to set up.

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Banana Pancakes 3 ways…

Dec.31, 2014

I’ve had a couple of bananas turning brown on the counter all week. I knew I wouldn’t have time to bake anything, so I decided to make some pancakes. You know the basic banana pancake recipe, mash a banana and stir in two eggs, fry in coconut oil? I love having these in the fridge because they make such a great snack to grab on the run. I’ll probably have some of these in my cooler for Cretus. These are easy to block out for Zone, and are easily Paleo. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted them, but I’ve got a couple variations now, so here you go.

Basic Banana Pancakes:

1 mashed ripe banana (I use a potato masher in a bowl)
2 eggs

stir the eggs into the banana and then fry in coconut oil on medium heat

You can serve them with syrup, but if the banana is ripe, they are going to be pretty sweet. I prefer them cold and plain.

Coconut Banana Pancakes

make the basic recipe as above, stir in 1/4 cup unsweetened, shredded coconut, cook as normal. The coconut helps to bind the eggs and the banana.

Chunky Monkey Banana Pancakes

2 ripe bananas, mashed
3 eggs
2 Tablespoons almond butter, chunky if possible
1-2 Tablespoons of cacao or cocoa powder

Stir everything together and cook as normal in coconut oil over medium heat. If you don’t have chunky almond butter, you could add some chopped almonds. Shredded coconut would be really good too.

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Dairy Free Eggnog Pie

Dec.29, 2014

First, I’m sorry I didn’t get this tested and posted before Christmas. Fortunately, you can make it any day of the year. We should be eating more pie.
A few years ago a friend of mine shared a recipe for his grandma’s eggnog custard pie that is truly amazing. Nothing about it is paleo, so I decided to see if I could change that. I experimented on my family for Christmas Eve. Fingers crossed. It disappeared very quickly, I should have made two.

The crust is the base layer for Danielle Walker’s “seven layer bars”, which you can find here. I highly recommend these nuggets as well. Delicious.

1/3 cup plus 1 Tablespoon coconut flour
1/4 cup almond flour
1/4 unsweetened applesauce
2 Tablespoons coconut oil, melted
1 Tablespoon honey
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg (originally cinnamon but since it’s eggnog pie, I went with nutmeg)
pinch sea salt

stir everything together and press into pie plate, bake for ten minutes at 350, cool

• 1 tablespoon gelatin
• enough cold water to dissolve gelatin, about 1/4 cup
• 1 cup canned coconut milk *I used Trader Joes canned coconut milk, just coconut and water
• 1/4 cup honey
• 1 teaspoon vanilla
• 2 teaspoons arrowroot
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• 3 egg yolk, beaten
• 1 tablespoon ghee or palm shortening
• 1 cup coconut cream, whipped *Trader Joes has canned coconut cream that you don’t need to refrigerate in order to get the cream to separate. I just put it in the kitchen aid and whip it up so it’s lighter and fluffier. You can add some honey to the remaining coconut cream for a whipped topping.

Blend gelatin in cold water, set aside. Combine salt & arrowroot- set aside. Heat coconut milk, remove heat, combine with dry ingredients until smooth, stir in honey. Stir continuously over low heat for 10 min. Stir small amount of cooked mixture into egg yolks, then add egg yolks into the mixture, cooking over low heat, stirring continuously until mixture thickens. Remove from heat, add small amount of dissolved gelatin, then add gelatin to the cooled mix. Add ghee and vanilla. Cool completely. Slowly pour mixture into whipped coconut cream, slowly, folding the mixture with the cream until thoroughly blended. Pour mixture into cooled, cooked 9″ pie crust, sprinkle with nutmeg. Chill until served.

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Dutch Babies Revisited

Dec.18, 2014

I’m on a Dutch Baby kick this week. Ashley D mentioned that her family made them with an apple blueberry filling, so I started experimenting. Tuesday I made Dutch Babies as normal (click here) but omitted the pumpkin and pie spice. After I poured the batter in the hot coconut oil, I threw in about a pint of ripe raspberries and baked it as normal. It turned out just amazing. It was a tiny bit soggy in the middle, but I fixed that by baking it a few extra minutes. I liked it so much I bought more raspberries and made it again Wednesday. I was going to make the same thing again this morning, thus the Dutch Baby kick, but Zoe ate all my raspberries. So, I chopped up two small Granny Smith Apples, tossed them with a teaspoon of cinnamon and added it to the batter after I poured it in the pan. Perfection. Apple cinnamon Dutch Babies. Plain will never be the same.

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Grain Free/Dairy Free Pumpkin Spice Dutch Baby

Dec.12, 2014

I love Dutch Babies. My good friend Karen shared her recipe with me back in the day when our kids were toddlers and before she moved to New Hampshire. So, I pretty much think of her every time I eat them. A couple years ago, I found a grain free recipe which my kids have yet to embrace. I like to make them on Fridays because it’s two servings for me, so I eat half and then save some for Saturday morning pre-CrossFit and eat the rest when I get home. If I have a full hour before I’m leaving, I’ll eat some, but not all. I can eat, but I’m not terribly interested in meeting Pukie on Saturday morning.

So, I added some pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice on a whim one day and it was delicious, so I generally make it this way year round because it’s even better for you than plain. If you aren’t a fan of pumpkin, just omit the pumpkin and spice, no problem.

A note about the milk: I make my own because I’m not thrilled with the junk that is added to the store bought variety. It’s super easy to make and I encourage you to try it. I just looked and didn’t realize I hadn’t posted how to make almond or coconut milk, so I’ll do that. If that’s not your thing, check the ingredients and try to find one that is unsweetened and with the lowest amount of junk added.


1/4 cup coconut oil (for pan, yes, use it all)

1 cup milk of your choice, I usually use coconut but depends on what I have on hand. Almond is great too.
8 eggs
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/3 cup arrowroot or tapioca starch
1/4 cup pumpkin puree (optional)
1-1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice (optional)
dash salt
maple syrup (for serving)

preheat oven to 450, when oven is at about 400, I put the pan with coconut oil in it to get good and hot, this is important

In a food processor or blender: add everything else and process/blend until fully incorporated. It will be liquid.

When oven is at 450 and oil is hot, tilt the pan around so it’s coated in the oil, then carefully pour in the batter. Set timer for 22 minutes. It will puff up while it bakes. It probably is supposed to serve 4-6 people, but in my house it serves two. Top with maple syrup.


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fun with Brussels sprouts

Nov.17, 2014

Whole Foods had organic Brussels sprouts on a stalk, so I bought one on a whim. Since I cook just about everything with bacon, I decided to mix things up a bit and I bought some hot Italian sausage. I apologize in advance for not having measured amounts. So, they key to getting people to eat Brussels sprouts is to trick them….


Brussels sprouts
1# hot Italian sausage, or whatever kind of sausage you like…or bacon..
Balsamic vinegar

Shred your sprouts. It’s probably really pretty if you peel each leaf, but ain’t nobody got time for that…so I just tossed them in my food processor and pulsed it a few times until they were adequately shredded. You can chop them with a knife too.
Brown the sausage in a deep heavy bottomed pan, but don’t drain it. Toss in all the shredded sprouts and cook them down in the sausage fat until they are nice and tender. I think maybe 15-20 minutes. Then pour in some Balsamic vinegar to taste. I probably used about 1/4 cup. You’ll want to add some salt too.

Back to the trickery. I made this late and didn’t serve it for dinner. I tossed it in Steve’s lunch with some steak and sweet potatoes, and when he’d eaten most of it, I asked him how he liked the Brussels Sprouts. He said he’d been trying to figure out what they were, but they were good. So, there you have it.
I’m bringing this to Thanksgiving dinner. I may toss in some dried cranberries. I think that would be really good.

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